It Matters.


Swisher Law, P.C.                                     Legal Counsel for What Matters Most

These same principles apply to the representation of individuals. When tragedy strikes, the last thing a person wants to worry about is a lawsuit. Victims of fraud, property damage and personal injury have much more to worry about than trying to navigate through the legal waters to obtain just compensation.  That is why I have dedicated my firm to serving as a fearless advocate for clients while minimizing intrusion into their daily lives.  Similar to my work with businesses, I partner with clients from the very beginning to ensure that their goals are being vigorously pursued.  Simply stated:  If it matters to you, it matters to me. 

It matters to Swisher Law.  


As a business owner myself, I understand that a person's business is their livelihood.  No one wants to face protracted litigation:  Lawsuits not only take a financial toll on businesses, but they can also take a mental toll on the owners and valuable time away from efforts to try to grow the company. I started my own practice with this understanding in mind -- preferring a pro-active approach to minimize my clients' risk while optimizing business growth.  I now have the privilege of serving as general counsel for clients across California and take pride in working with businesses to stop problems before they start.

Of course, sometimes litigation is inevitable:  Mistakes happen and promises are broken.  In these cases, it is of paramount importance to have a trusted, proven advocate on your side.  From the smallest of contract disputes to "bet the company" trials and appeals, my firm stands ready to ensure that you and your business achieve an optimal result --  always with a watchful eye on your financial and professional goals.